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Take Profit not Executed by OANDA Brokerage

Discussion in 'Diskusi Broker' started by OSN, Jan 28, 2019.

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    Dec 14, 2015
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    Hi all,

    Currently trying to reach out to an OANDA Client Experience associate to ask them why a recent position on January 3rd, 2019 did not execute upon hitting Take Profit. I had sent them 2 emails last week, as well as spoke to a representative who went by the name of Chloe. She informed me the inquiry would be addressed within 3 business days. It has now been 3 business days and the issue has not been addressed. It's near impossible to get a hold of someone through chat or phone unless you wait more than half an hour.

    I have been trading with OANDA for approximately 3 years with my corporate account and individual accounts and have made thousands of transactions with them. They have garnered ample revenue from my side throughout these years via their spreads, yet cannot tell me when they are able to get back to a concern I have dealing with a question relative to a non-executed trade. This is due to extremely high volume and not enough support. Below is a chat transcript I had today:

    Jochen (1/7/2019, 1:01:06 PM): Thank you for contacting OANDA. My name is Jochen. How may I help you today?
    Me (1/7/2019, 1:01:21 PM): hi
    Jochen (1/7/2019, 1:01:35 PM): Hello Holden
    Me (1/7/2019, 1:02:00 PM): Hope you're doing well. I have a question about my account and a position that was not executed last week.
    Jochen (1/7/2019, 1:02:24 PM): Okay
    Me (1/7/2019, 1:02:39 PM): I have sent the front desk 2 emails and spoke to a client support specialist, who informed me the inquiry would be addressed within 3 business days.
    Jochen (1/7/2019, 1:02:43 PM): How can I help you here
    Me (1/7/2019, 1:02:56 PM): It has now surpassed 3 business days and no response
    Jochen (1/7/2019, 1:03:10 PM): the email is with us
    Jochen (1/7/2019, 1:03:25 PM): The responsible agent will respond back to you asap
    Me (1/7/2019, 1:03:27 PM): I'm currently calling OANDA and have been on hold for more than 30 minutes.
    Jochen (1/7/2019, 1:03:47 PM): Due to the holidays we have had less staff on and the volumes have been intense
    Jochen (1/7/2019, 1:03:50 PM): My apologies here
    Me (1/7/2019, 1:04:01 PM): Please do so. I've been a customer for 3 years and find your service wonderful.
    Jochen (1/7/2019, 1:04:38 PM): Understandable
    Me (1/7/2019, 1:05:05 PM): I'd hate to post on FPA and rant about customer service, but that position was the largest profit on a single position in this account. It's very important to me to maintain the trust. Thanks Jochen.
    Jochen (1/7/2019, 1:05:34 PM): you can rant if you wish sir, this is your good right
    Jochen (1/7/2019, 1:05:47 PM): the email is with us and we will take care of your concern
    Me (1/7/2019, 1:06:11 PM): I know, but I'd like to speak with someone to find the reason as to why my trade wasnt executed before I do so.
    Me (1/7/2019, 1:06:13 PM): Thanks
    Jochen (1/7/2019, 1:06:33 PM): We will take care of your email sent to us
    Jochen (1/7/2019, 1:06:45 PM): and will get back to you asap
    Jochen (1/7/2019, 1:07:00 PM): thank you for your great approach today
    Jochen (1/7/2019, 1:07:06 PM): I appreciate it highly sir
    Me (1/7/2019, 1:07:14 PM): Thanks again Jochen. Have a wonderful day.

    Afterwards, I asked Jochen if I could get a ballpark estimate into when the inquiry could be addressed. He could not provide me with one and soon thereafter, without asking me if I needed anything else, ended the chat abruptly. Once a customer support representative picked up via phone after 42 minutes on hold, he told me the same but was more cordial.

    I'd be happy to provide a screenshot of my trade wherein the position was not executed. It was a significant profit relative to my account balance, over 20%. The horizontal blue line on MT4 representing the TP level is clearly indicated and the price action on the pair displays that it surpassed this price. Looking at the historical spreads on the OANDA website, there was more than enough room for the pair to be executed.

    To be honest, this is the first issue I've had with their business and hope it will be resolved in a timely manner. They have always been very fair as to trade execution personally speaking, but this is something that needs to be addressed. It's probable they will tell me there was a price differential between the MT4 platform and their platform, and if this is their response, I will no longer be using their services as this is not the fault of the customer.

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